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When I’m in my Casa Grande of Los Algarrobos (“Big House of The Carob Trees”), at Las Pocitas beach, Mancora, Peru, I feel the perfect combination, the green contrast of the garden with the blue ocean carry me away, it gives me an idyllic sensation with mother nature: The house style and the garden trees surroundings make you feel on one of those dream places for resting and relaxing.
The Casa Grande of Los Algarrobos is spacious, very spacious, surrounded by more than 1,500 square meters of garden. Is that big that everyone can have their own space. It has 3 terraces, 2 kitchens, big swimming pool, 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms that make my family and I, 16 people in total, enjoy those unforgettable moments of life with the soft sunbaths of the north coast of Peru, sharing BBQ lunch or cooking at the firewood adobe oven, then enjoy some amazing sunsets and at night watching the unbelievable stars.
The Casa Grande of Los Algarrobos is a precious house in front of the ocean that once you visit it, you will never forget it.



Getting Here

From Mancora about 200 meters south, take the detour on your right hand which goes into Las Pocitas. Go straight, pass the fishing pier , about one kilometer from that you will meet the Sunset italian restaurant. A few meters from that you will find Casa Grande of Los Algarrobos. Have a sign that said “Los Algarrobos” and the number of the house is 1216.

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  • 5 bedrooms + 1 employee bed room
  • 6 bathrooms
  • 2 kitchen
  • 3 terraces
  • Hall
  • 2 dinning rooms
  • Game hall
  • 1 pool ( 7 x 4 mts)
  • Hot water
  • Internet
  • DirecTV
  • Gym
  • Coal BBQ
  • Firewood oven
  • Cistern and water tank at High for water
  • 2 private parking
  • Set of dishes and complete bed clothes

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(511) 221 7360
(511) 422 5023

Mobile: (51) 936 403 697